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I am trying to insert a little figure(logo) to a document without changing the vertical spacing.

I have two lines of text and I want to insert the figure in the align with the second line. I can do that simply with the code snippet:

{\bf The First Line }\\{\bf The Second Line} \hfill\includegraphics[height=24pt]{google}

After that, spacing between text changes according to the vertical size of the figure. I wish to have the same spacing after including the figure too.

How can I do that?

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Note \bf is a deprecated command not defined at all in the core LaTeX format (but added for compatibility reasons by some classes). \textbf{The First Line} would be better markup.

If you want the line never to be opened up even if the figure would overprint the line above then \smash{\includegraphics[height=24pt]{google}} The \smash command hides the height of its argument.

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You may want to use a bottom aligned tabular:

  First line\\
  Second line

enter image description here

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