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I have CSV files of different lengths. For example

0,0, 5, 5, 1
0,5, 5, 11, 2
0,11, 5, 16, 1
5,0, 10, 6, 1
5,6, 10, 11, 2

I want to get the value of the last element of the c and d columns, for example c=10 and d=11. And every time with a different file of different length. I am using the datatool package.

\eappto\mydraws{[gray, fill=\k,line width=0.05cm] (axis cs:\a,\b) rectangle (axis cs:\c,\d);}%

I don't know how I can access only the last element of a specific column.

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Please use the code formatting options on the edit menu marked with the symbol {} or select your code and hit Ctrl+K or manually indent the code lines with four whitespace characters. – percusse Jan 21 '13 at 16:14
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You could just step thru the DB set a global to the appropriate column entry, and at the end it will contain the last entry:

enter image description here



\usepackage{filecontents}% Comment to prevent overwriting MyData.csv
a, b,  c,  d, e  
0, 0,  5,  5, 1
0, 5,  5, 11, 2 
0,11,  5, 16, 1
5, 0, 10,  6, 1
5, 6, 10, 11, 2





LastC = \LastC, and LastD = \LastD
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