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I have a document using article class (please not ask me why don't use report class). The article has TOC, LOF, LOT and Nomenclature.

The MWE:

 \documentclass[12pt,a4paper,twoside] {article}

 \usepackage{kpfonts} %[uprightRoman, uprightgreeks]

   \setlength\cftbeforefigskip{1 ex} % list of figures
   \setlength\cftbeforetabskip{1 ex} % list of tables
   \setlength\cftbeforesecskip{1 em} % spacing before sec title
   \setlength\cftaftertoctitleskip{1.8 em} 
   \setlength\cftbeforetoctitleskip{4 cm} 
   \setlength{\nomitemsep}{0.5 ex} 

 \titleformat{\subsection} {\large \bfseries \color{RoyalBlue}} {\thesubsection}{1 ex}{}
 \titleformat{\subsubsection}  {\normalsize  \bfseries  \color{RoyalBlue}}       {\thesubsubsection}{1 ex}{}  %\slshape
 \setcounter{tocdepth}{3}   % table of content depth
\definecolor{RoyalBlue}{RGB}{0, 35, 102}

  Hello, world!
  \printnomenclature[2 cm]       
  \subsection{Math model}
  \subsubsection{Particle collision}
  \nomenclature{DEM}{Distinct Element Method}

The color of section headings and Nomenclature is changed as expected. However the color of Contents and List of Figures etc. remains black.

Having looked through article.cls, I tried

       \MakeUppercase \textcolor{RoyalBlue} {\contentsname} }{\MakeUppercase \textcolor{RoyalBlue}\contentsname}}%

However, it turned out not working. By the way, I used tocloft to define the LOF, LOT entries spacing, don't know whether it has some side-effect.

So how to figure this out?

Edit 1: Found out the problem lies with: \usepackage[subfigure]{tocloft} . But I need these packages! Or should I redefine the spacing without the tocloft package?

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Your MWE does not compile for me, I get ! Undefined control sequence. <argument> \undefinedpagestyle. Instead of subfigure, try the subfig package, it is usually seen as superior. Most important however, load tocloft after subfigure. – mafp Jan 21 '13 at 23:55
MWE was edited, now should work. Loading subfigure before tocloft does not work. I suspect tocloft redefines the default commands \contentsname and \tableofcontents. – KOF Jan 22 '13 at 0:24
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to change the color of the ToC to blue. Add other stuff like \Large\bfseries to it, to get bold large title text. Similarly, change \cftloftitlefont for the List of Figures.

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Thanks, i just searched for the keywords color/colour in the tocloft RADEME, no words found. So I thought no option to change font color, LOL – KOF Jan 22 '13 at 0:23

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