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I am writing one list after one text?

 Following is list items:

   1. Pen
   2. Hen
   3. Ten

I need to reduce spacing between text (Following is list items:) and begining of list(Pen). How can i reduce it?

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Use the package enumitem:

\item various stuff

The package allows you easy access to change the parameters which control the list environments: enumerate, description, and itemize.

Other parameters to adjust vertical spacing are: partopsep, parsep, itemsep. You pass these to the environment through an optional argument as keys as I did above with topsep=0ex.

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Another Way would be, to use paralist



    \item something
    \item something else


This would also minimize the space between each item. You can use it as compactitem compactenum compactdist and so on.

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