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I would like to make a Mexican hat potential (like this one from Wikipedia)

enter image description here

drawing through TikZ, and I am sure the function to use is straightforward, but I have not managed to find the right solution myself... !

I am using this as a starting point, just need the right function...

\begin{tikzpicture}[line join=bevel,tdplot_main_coords, fill opacity=.7]
{\draw[color=black,thick,->] (0,0,0) -- (20,0,0) node[anchor=north east]{$x$};}%
{\draw[color=black,thick,->] (0,0,0) -- (0,20,0) node[anchor=north west]{$y$};}%
{\draw[color=black,thick,->] (0,0,0) -- (0,0,3) node[anchor=south]{$z$};}%

Any hints will be gratefully appreciated!!

Thanks again!

I now have a little problem getting the axis right. I want them placed in the middle of the plot, but I cannot seem to get the labels correct? Also, I would like to rotate the axis so that the x,y arrows point towards us, and the z up as it is now. Any tips? This is what I have now:

    axis x line=middle,
    axis y line=middle,
    axis z line=middle,
    enlarge x limits=0.15,
    enlarge y limits=0.15,
    enlarge x limits=0.15,
    every axis x label/.style={at={(current axis.right of origin)},anchor=north west},
    every axis y label/.style={at={(current axis.above origin)},anchor=north east},
    every axis z label/.style={at={(current axis.above origin)},anchor=south}

        colormap={blackwhite}{gray(0cm)=(1); gray(1cm)=(0)},
        y domain=0:1.25,
     \addplot3 [surf, shader=flat, draw=black,  z buffer=sort] ({sin(x)*y}, {cos(x)*y}, {(y^2-1)^2});
      %\addplot3 [surf, shader=flat, draw=black, fill=white, z buffer=sort] (x^4-x^2, y^4-y^2, 1);

It produces the following figure:

enter image description here

But as you see the axis labelling is not optimal, and the axis is rotated the wrong direction..

Thanks so much so far!

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Related: Mexican hat in TikZ. – Peter Grill Jan 24 '13 at 20:48

PGFPlots can plot 3D parametric functions. Here's the output using the function that is used for the Wikipedia image:

enter image description here

            hide axis,
            y domain=0:1.25
        \addplot3 [surf, shader=flat, draw=black, fill=white, z buffer=sort] ({sin(x)*y}, {cos(x)*y}, {(y^2-1)^2});
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This is very nice. – Pouya Jan 24 '13 at 20:49
+1. How could I not discovered this before? – Sigur Jan 24 '13 at 20:52
Awesome, Jake! :) Soundtrack while running this example. :) – Paulo Cereda Jan 24 '13 at 20:57
Thanks a lot! I will try to modify this to my liking instead of using 3dplot, then, and use pgfplots. – user24949 Jan 24 '13 at 21:07
@user24949: Glad that it helps! If you consider this question answered, you can mark it as such by clicking the tick mark next to my answer. – Jake Jan 24 '13 at 22:26

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