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Possible Duplicate:
“[” as first character in table row

I am usually constructing nested equations in latex using the IEEEeqnarray-toolbox (typeset_equations.pdf ). However, I noticed an odd behavior that it probably inherits from the basic TeX ingredients it is based on.

Does anyone know a simple workaround for the following?

In the IEEEeqnarraybox environment, in a second line (after a \\ in the previous line), a starting opening bracket will lead to errors. Showcase:

&  \\
[ & 

I tried escaping it with \\[, which will lead to other errors, as I am using this in the math-environment.

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I agree with @Werner: just write \relax after the \\ that's followed by [. – egreg Jan 25 '13 at 17:02

An (ugly) workaround is to insert a space and a negative space:

[ &  \\ 
\,\![ & 

(the '[' in the first row is just to verify that the horizontal spacing is OK)

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{} would be enough, but \relax is better. – egreg Jan 25 '13 at 17:05