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I'm working on Sweave and using includegraphics for include image in report dynamically.


     for ( i to 100)   # run loop 1 to 100
          includegraphics(image.i)    # include image in article.

In the above code I am adding 100 images using loop but I need to check that image.i exists or not first before including the image in report. Is there any way to check it first.

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You can check this in LaTeX. See Expandable version of \InputIfFileExists or \IfFileExists. – Werner Jan 26 '13 at 3:39
In R, you also have the function file.exists() that you can use in the chunk if you prefer – vaettchen Jan 26 '13 at 4:15
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Put this into your preamble:


Then you can can safely use the following, the only problem is that you always have to add the extension:



You can make a version that makes a whole figure appear or not depending on the file presence (again, this goes to the preamble):

% arguments: [parameters for includegraphics]{filename}[float placement]{caption}

Notice that I consider [width=\linewidth] as a good default argument to \includegraphics but you might change it of course. The usage is simple:

\FigureIfExists{myfile.pdf}[!t]{Caption of this nice figure.\label{fig:myfile}}

\FigureIfExists[scale=0.3]{nofile.pdf}[p]{This figure won't exist,
  nor the label.\label{fig:nofile}}
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