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I was wondering if I can use the \citenum{} command of natbib without actually using it. I prefer using \bibitem{} instead of .bib file. Any idea?

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You can load natbib without needing to use BibTeX: all you have to do is use the correct format for the \bibitem entries. Is that what you are getting at? – Joseph Wright Jan 26 '13 at 9:30
If I add natbib package I get an error! – Nicholas Jan 26 '13 at 9:41
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You can use natbib without needing to run BibTeX, and can then use \citenum



    A.~N. Other, F. Bloggs and D. Nobacon, \emph{J.~Irrep. Res.}, 2013,

To get the best out of natbib you need to use the extended \bibitem format that it works with, which includes the full author details:



  \bibitem[Other \emph{et al.}(2013)Other, Bloggs and Nobacon]{Other2013}
    A.~N. Other, F. Bloggs and D. Nobacon, \emph{J.~Irrep. Res.}, 2013,
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You are a genius! Thank you very much! It worked perfectly – Nicholas Jan 26 '13 at 10:16

With the following, you can use both the standard \cite and \citenum, and the (in my opinion most important) feature sort&compress works as well:





\cite{cite:1,cite:20,cite:7,cite:2}, \citenum{cite:1}, \cite[chap. 3]{cite:26}


{\sc {Abiteboul}, S.}
\newblock A deployment of 16 bit architectures using {RETTE}.
\newblock In {\em {Proceedings} of the {Workshop} on {Data} {Mining} and
  {Knowledge} {Discovery}\/} (Oct. 2003).

{\sc {Agarwal}, R., {Stearns}, R., {Harichandran}, K., {Wirth}, N., {Lee}, B.,
  and {Nehru}, R.}
\newblock A construction of {IPv7} using {\em {lustrumlin}}.
\newblock {\em {Journal} of Robust, Perfect Methodologies 91\/} (June 1993),

{\sc {Anderson}, R., and {Sasaki}, a.}
\newblock Decoupling {a}* search from the memory bus in 802.11b.
\newblock In {\em {Proceedings} of the {Workshop} on Cacheable, Relational
  Theory\/} (June 1990).

{\sc {Clark}, D., XX, XX, {Rivest}, R., and {Li}, M.}
\newblock A case for the producer-consumer problem.
\newblock In {\em {Proceedings} of the {Workshop} on Empathic, Perfect
  Epistemologies\/} (Jan. 1992).

{\sc {Cook}, S.}
\newblock The {UNIVAC} computer considered harmful.
\newblock In {\em {Proceedings} of the {Workshop} on Robust Archetypes\/} (July

{\sc {Culler}, D., and {Zhao}, F.}
\newblock Towards the simulation of redundancy.
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{\sc {Davis}, C., and {Ashwin}, U.}
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{\sc {Davis}, H.}
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{\sc {Davis}, J., and {Hoare}, C. A.~R.}
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{\sc {Gray}, J.}
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\newblock {\em {Journal} of Reliable, Constant-Time Symmetries 28\/} (July
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{\sc {Tanenbaum}, A.}
\newblock Simulating {a}* search and the producer-consumer problem using
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{\sc {Taylor}, P.}
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{\sc {Turing}, A.}
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{\sc {Watanabe}, P.}
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{\sc {Welsh}, M.}
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{\sc {Welsh}, M., {Lampson}, B., and {Garey}, M.}
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{\sc XX}.
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\newblock {\em {Journal} of Replicated, Reliable Algorithms 96\/} (Sept. 2003),

{\sc {Zhou}, D.}
\newblock Deconstructing {Internet} {QoS} using {JougsSacrum}.
\newblock In {\em {Proceedings} of {OSDI}\/} (Apr. 2004).



Thanks SCIgen for the example bibliography.

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That is amazing and very useful! Thank you so much – Nicholas Jan 26 '13 at 10:18

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