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I am using nested loop conditional \iftoggle of etoolbox, is there any other generalized conditional? Usually it works as:

\iftoggle{name}{do if name is true}{do if name is false}

Now, I would like something like:

\newtoggle{name} % with 5 options, for example
\settoggle{name}{option3} % all the other option are false
\iftoggle{name}{do if option1 is true}{do if option2 is true}{do if option3 is true}{do if option4 is true}{do if option5 is true}

I know there is a solution with nested conditional, but maybe there is other direct solution. Any idea?

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A toggle can be true or false, so this does not seem to make sense. It sounds as if you want something more like a keyval option which takes a number of choices: is that a reasonable description? – Joseph Wright Jan 26 '13 at 14:16
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Here is a key-value interface, which, as Joseph Wright has said, appears to be the way to get a solution to your problem.

\def\msg#1{\ifkrdindef\else Option chosen: #1\endgraf\fi}
% Example command, to reformat the list, process the keys, and print the results:

% Examples:
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