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Is there a biblatex style that is based on MARC records? The notion here is that one maps MARC records into bibtex entries with MARC field names:

MARC240uniformtitle = {My Title},
MARC250editionstatement = {2nd ed.},
MARC300physicaldescription = {xvi, 194, [2], viii, [1], 10-238, [1], 10-148 p., 22 cm. 8vo.},

and then uses a biblatex style to create handlists and such.

Thanks for any insight.

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I guess you could have biber map the MARC records automatically to biblatex, but I can't explain you in detail how to do this. – Simifilm Jan 28 '13 at 15:12

You have to convert the MARC record to bibtex. If you can run perl, you can take a look at the perl-script marc2bib. See the answer to A tool for creating bibtex entries from MARC tags?.

An alternative is to use MarcEdit and convert the records to a suitable, intermediary format. Have a look at the question Are there tools for importing from CSV to BibTeX? and you may have some ideas.

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