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Basically, I would like a way to number the lines in a block of text, without resorting to verbatim mode.

I have tried

  Thus, I came to the conclusion that
  the designer of a new system must not
  only be the implementer and first
  large-scale user; the designer should
  also write the first user manual.

but this preserves the whitespace; I would like ConTeXt to lay out the paragraph normally and then number the lines. The numbering does not need to be in the margin, but I would like to be able to skip every n numbers and use columns. The solution with definetyping is quite close; I simply would like to avoid having to manually adjust line breaks and possibly have hyphenation.

I found Show the number of lines in margin for LaTeX, but that doesn't apply here, unless there is a ConTeXt equivalent (the wiki does not mention one and Google turns up nothing).

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Use \startlinenumbering, it re-wraps the text and does not preserve the line endings. The step key and hyphenation work as well.

  \startlinenumbering [step=5]
    \input knuth


For further information see the ConTeXT wiki - \startlinenumbering.

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Thanks! I can't believe I didn't see that searching the wiki... – li.davidm Jan 28 '13 at 23:42

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