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I want to test in my template if a call of




is valid or will fail because of an unkown style.

However I could no find out in the sty files how these styles are saved and checked.

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glossaries defines an internal macro named \@glsstyle@<style> for each style <style>.

In case of listings it's a little bit trickier than that. Basically listings defines a macro \lststy@<style>$ for each style. However, \lstdefinestyle has an undocumented optional argument whose purpose is not quite clear to me. \lstdefinestyle[foo]{mystyle} would define a macro \lststy@mystyle$foo. I have never seen a use case for the optional argument before, though, and my (very superficial) tests didn't reveal how to load such a style, anyway.

Maybe something like the following would work for you:



% ignore the optional argument:



\ifdeflststyle{mystyle}{true}{false}     % => true
\ifdeflststyle{myotherstyle}{true}{false}% => false

\ifdefglsstyle{list}{true}{false}   % => true
\ifdefglsstyle{mystyle}{true}{false}% => false
\ifdefglsstyle{mystyle}{true}{false}% => true

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