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I've been writing using the class revtex4-1 (for the APS journals...) and have come across the following: When using footnotemark and footnotetext they each advance the footnote counter rather than only footnotetext, as in the article class. Here's a minimal example (I use nofootinbib to override the default which is to place the footnotes with the bibliography..., and the minipage is so that I can show you the output, it has no other effect):



\footnotetext{hello's text}

1+1=2 \footnotemark\label{eq:1}
\footnotetext{equations footnote}

which results in the following strange output:

alt text

Sure, I can fix it by inserting a \addtocounter{-1}{footnote} between the two commands...but I'm more interested in why this is happening, and whether its a bug.

hmmm. I just checked, it works fine with revtex4, so this is probably a bug in revtex4-1...Still, I'd like to hear your input.

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I'd say this is a bug: it's clearly not what you'd expect and is not in the documentation. – Joseph Wright Jan 23 '11 at 21:51
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The APS Author Guide for REVTeX 4.1 (apsguide4-1.pdf) says

Avoid custom footnotes using \footnotemark and \footnotetext [except in the context of tables (see Section VIII.5)].

So, don't do that...

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hmmm. Yup. this is the correct answer. I thought I needed to use it because I wanted a footnote inside an equation...but I guess that using footnote works also inside an equation...atleast in REVTeX 4.1 Thanks! – Yossi Farjoun Jan 24 '11 at 13:20

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