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Possible Duplicate:
LaTeX Editors/IDEs

I am taking a computer science course which requires completing assignments in PDF format. Many of the questions will require mathematical notation, so a TeX editor that can create PDFs would seem suitable for this purpose. Are there any TeX editors that can do this on Ubuntu? Are there any which work with Emacs23?

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yes, lots! have a look at LaTeX Editors/IDEs – cmhughes Jan 29 '13 at 4:06
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A TeX file (or source or document) is a simple text document containing instructions about how to format/typeset the output. To this end a TeX document must be processed by a TeX engine (or TeX compiler) that transform the source, the instructions, into the text to be typeset. pdflatex is one specific TeX engine that produces a PDF files as the result of processing the instructions in a TeX document. In the simplest case you can use command line or a terminal window to call pdflatex file.tex to produce file.pdf. Most of the TeX friendly editors can do this for you (see LaTeX Editors/IDE])

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