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It seems as if the listings package can not be loaded after all other packages using \AtBeginDocument

\documentclass[]{scrbook} % 

This raises the error

! Undefined control sequence.

<argument> ... \iffalse }{}\lst@ifnumberbychapter

In the code sequence

           {\ifnum \c@chapter>\z@ \thechapter.\fi \@arabic\c@lstlisting}

Is this a bug or am I misusing \AtBeginDocument ?

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You probably are misusing \AtBeginDocument :-)

I had no idea packages can be loaded then; but it seems they can be. listings, however, uses \AtBeginDocument itself. I'd say that's why your code doesn't work.

Actually, I have checked: yes, listings \lets \lst@ifnumberbychapter in \AtBeginDocument.

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I had problems with options clashes which could most easily be resolved by loaded the code of a whole package using \AtBeginDocument. since listings does not really depend on other packages and itself has no options clash problem I can load it directly at the loading of my package. – Matthias Pospiech Jan 29 '13 at 16:17
@MatthiasPospiech with etoolbox you have AtEndPreamble. – jfbu Jan 29 '13 at 20:59

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