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I need to add superscript asterisks to the left side of different symbols like +,\cdot,\leq,\mathbb{R}.

I read several different solutions to similar questions, which recommended either \prescript, which is ugly, since there is a huge space between the asterisk and \leq or \sideset from amsmath, which refuses to work on symbols like +.

Does anyone know some universal pretty solution, which puts the asterisk neatly before this symbols?

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This is not simply using a "presuperscript"; what we need is to add the asterisk and keeping the meaning of the symbols; moreover, the asterisk seems needing to be nearer the symbol.




$a\hcdot b \hplus c \hleq d \in \hR$

(The "h" is for "hyper", as I suspect this is for nonstandard analysis.)

enter image description here

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Thank you, I did not know about mathbin and mathrel before. And yes, this is indeed for non-standard analysis. – Tomas Jan 29 '13 at 17:37

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