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How can one redefine the spacing that the \and command puts between authors in \author within the standard article class? I have a document with three authors whose names are just too long to fit on one line with the standard spacing.

I feel like this should probably be doable with a \setlength command, but I have no idea what length to set.

For the record, I'm aware of packages like authblk (which I may ultimately use for my purposes), but am more interested in how to modify this spacing directly.

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The definition of \and is in the LaTeX kernel:

\def\and{%                  % \begin{tabular}[t]{c}
  \hskip 1em \@plus.17fil%
  \begin{tabular}[t]{c}}%   % \end{tabular}

You can redefine it in the preamble by reducing 1em to whatever fits your needs.

Note: The "missing" \begin{tabular}[t]{c} and \end{tabular} are provided by \@maketitle. So any \author part is typeset as a tabular.

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Your answer caused a previous answer of yours to appear in the "Related" section for this question, so I've submitted an edit to this answer based on that, further clarifying how to redefine \and. – Tim Parenti Jan 30 '13 at 20:11

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