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I have a slide that is produced by the following codes:

\item Current work 0
\item Future works 1
\item Future works 2

Now I want to display the first item "Current work 0" and the graphics xxx.pdf at the same time, while grey out the two "Future works". Then on the next slide I want to display the two "Future works" items and grey out "Current works" and the graphics. Is there any way to achieve that?

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The following MWE provides \hidecontent[<transparency>]{<stuff>} that hides <stuff> with a white transparent box. Optional transparency is set as <transparency> (provided by Heiko's transparent package); default is 0.25 or 25%:

enter image description here

\documentclass{beamer}% http://ctan.org/pkg/beamer
\usepackage{transparent}% http://ctan.org/pkg/transparent
\newcommand{\hidecontent}[2][0.25]{{% \hidecontent[<transparency>]{<stuff>}
  \setbox9=\hbox{#2}% Store <stuff> in \box9 to obtain height/width
    \item<1> Current work 0
    \item<2> Future works 1
    \item<2> Future works 2

beamer doesn't adequately handle hiding of graphics, hence the use of \hidecontent. This works well with rectangular content. Other content (textual, for example), is best dealt with by beamer itself.

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This solution is very good, but does not work well (knowable "line" in the picture + some hight problems after a linebreak) with pictures in a raisebox (took me some time to note that). – Dominikus K. Oct 1 '14 at 14:18

I can suggest a less complicated way than what Werner proposed. It consists in one include and no change to your code, but you have to download a custom style that remedy to your problem.

  1. Download fixpauseincludegraphics.sty and place it into the same folder as your .tex file.

  2. Include the package with \usepackage{fixpauseincludegraphics}.

  3. (optional) Check out this post to understand how it works - long story short, this solution consists in an overloading of \includegraphics to redraw the pictures using tikz to change the opacity according to the beamer transparency state.

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fixpauseincludegraphics.sty link is broken. – epsilone Dec 4 '14 at 9:19

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