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I'd like to reduce my redundancy when making plots with pgfplots. I want to have a single PDF file, such that I can include them on a per-page basis with graphicx.

The multi class option for the standalone class (the class I'm writing my plots with) looks promising, but instead of treating the plot as a single block, multi treats the plot as a single page. (which I assume is multi's purpose).

As an example, I'd like to achieve a result similar to this PDF file, but with pgfplots (from "A Course on Deterministic Distributed Algorithms" by Jukka Suomela).

MWE Code:

% Remove the `multi` option and the code in between the
% comment bars to achieve the `standalone` default output.
\addplot {x^2};
\addplot {x^2};

MWE Output:

mwe output

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If you use


rather than multi then you get one plot per page.

You might also be interested in

\tikzexternalize[mode=list and make]
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