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Russian paragraphs have not too short last lines as the \Arussian substitution for \par does. But this approach creates conflicts with biblatex package. Is there any method to make it run?

Here is a short example of the problem:




% Donald Arseneau, [in:]
% Peter Wilson, Glisterings
% TUGboat, Volume 28 (2007), No. 2
\def\Arussianpar{\ifhmode \unskip
           \vrule depth 273sp
           width 0sp height \ht\strutbox}}%
  \hskip-2\parindent minus 2\parindent
  \hskip\hsize minus\hsize



The pdflatex crashes with:

! Improper \prevdepth.
 \par ...arfillskip 0pt \origpar \ifdim \prevdepth 
                                                  =273sp \nobreak \vskip -2\...
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You get the errors when reading english.lbx, that is before starting to typeset the document.

You should be able to solve the issue by writing


instead of your


However there are many situations in LaTeX where \par is (locally) redefined, so you don't necessarily get the desired paragraph breaks in all cases.

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