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Is there a way to redefine the name of a Tikz object in case of name conflict, like the \let command for a TeX macro?

As practical case, I have define a set of path decoration that can simply be used as:

\draw[pneumatic signal] (A) -- (B);

I have named one of these decoration signal for an undefined signal type. But this badly chosen name is conflicting with the signal shape of the shapes.symbols library.

So, do I need to rename my decoration or is there a mean to change a name as needed?

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It's not wise to redefine the existing styles as other constructions, styles etc. might depend on it. As is for the TeX macros with \let, you are at risk of breaking things. But technically the last definition wins over the prior definitions.

  \node[draw, circle, xshift=2cm](a){A};
  \node[draw, circle, minimum width=2cm, yshift=-2cm](b){B};

enter image description here

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