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I need to set the format of the enumerate so each time I use it, it always behaves like this way for example:

chapter 1 Algebra 1.1. Introduction...

Definition D1.1. (Vector Space)... A vector space is a set E such that:

D1.1.1 E is an Abelian group under the + operation:

D1.1.1.1 ...associativity...

D1.1.1.2 ...commutativiy... ...

D1.1.2 E satisfies the next properties under the * operation:

D1.1.2.1 ... property 1...

D1.1.2.2 .... poperty 2 ... ...

So basically what I have now is:

\renewcommand{\labelenumi}{\textbf{\theDefinition .\arabic *}}
\renewcommand{\labelenumii}{\textbf{\theDefinition .\theenumi .\arabic *}}

Well, the thing seems to be fine except for one point. I don't know how to define the identation I want by using the \renewcommand. So when I use the \begin{enumerate} \end{enumerate} environment it just so happen that all my text starts at the begining of the left margin.

Note: I know that I might do for example,

\item Name1 \item Name2 

But I'd really like just to forget about it each time I use the enumerate environment.

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Since it seems you're using the (awesome) enumitem package, you can control things globally using its \setlist command.





Here's a list:
  \item one
  \item two

You can locally override global settings if you'd like:
\begin{enumerate}[leftmargin=6em, itemsep=2em]
  \item three
  \item four
  \item five

And back to normal:
  \item apple
  \item banana


mwe output

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