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First I was trying to quickly put together a file/package that provides macros for building Nassi-Shneidermann diagrams, but after a while it gave me a head ache – literally.

So I decided to seek out a package on the internet, especially when I figured out that they are also called this, with no luck. I know of an existing package called stuki.sty, but that is for LaTeX, and I couldn't find the stuki.tex file that it was based on, as it mentioned by the author. Neither of these available as a package for download.

Is there any kind of package that provides similar?

Also if there is, is there a way to make the conditions one line with the true/false line, the separating lines not going all the way in the middle, like this, and not like this?

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The first image is from this site. Just as an interesting fact: At the authors country, structograms is called in short, written as stuki (pronounced with an sh, uh, ee sounds) because it is difficult for them to pronounce the tr letters only in this word, especially when they hear, and/or say the shortened name. – Adam L. S. Jan 25 '11 at 21:03
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you can use \input pstricks.tex it is plain TeX compatible. Some flowcharts can be seen here: not really as a tabular like nassi-shneiderman, but it should be easy to realize. Here is a start for your example:

\input pstricks
\input pst-node

\rput(5,0){\rnode{A}{\psframebox[framearc=0.3]{Your reall long text}}}
\rput(5,-1){\rnode{B}{\psframe(-5,0)(5,-1)\rput(0,-0.5){And the next one}}}
\psframe(0,-1)(10,-7)      \rput(6,-2.5){foo}
\psline(1,-4)(1,-2)(10,-2) \rput(6,-3.5){bar}
\psline(1,-3)(10,-3)       \rput(6,-4.5){foo bar}
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Yes, I found that one, but I'm specifically interested in NSD. Thanks anyway. (I wait for some time before I mark it as a solution.) – Adam L. S. Jan 25 '11 at 21:51
@Adam: I put some code into the answer – Herbert Jan 25 '11 at 22:12

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