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I need to divide A4 into two A5 pages (landscape) which works fine with pgfpages but i also need special double page (like titlepage) where left half-page is empty and right contains text. But this page sometimes splits so one part is on the previous page. I tried to use \cleardoublepage which doesn't end the whole A4 page (if half empty). minimal example to clarify: (if text fills even number of A5 pages its fine but if number of pages filled by text is odd, my double page splits)

\usepackage[left=2cm,text={17cm, 24cm},top=3cm]{geometry}
\pgfpagesuselayout{2 on 1}[a4paper, landscape, border shrink=5mm]

{\Large Empty page}

{\LARGE Title page}
%end of special double page

{\LARGE text unknown length}

%beginning of second special double page
{\Large Empty page}

{\LARGE Title page}
%end of second special double page
{\LARGE text unknown length}

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\cleardoublepage only does what you want in two-sided printing. So, add option twoside to the class options:

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