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I'm trying to use multicolum. In my table all the columns have a predefined color which will be overwritten by multicolum. So my question is how can I define own or some more custom multicolumn commands which will make it able to set the color of the column faster than writing:

\multicolumn{3}{|>{\columncolor[gray]{.8}} c|}{myText} 

I tried something like this:

\oldmc{##1}{| {\columncolor[gray]{.8}[.5\tabcolsep] } c |  ##2}{ ##3 }% }}

But I think there are some problems with the syntax, as I don't get it working.

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Load package array


define a new column type (say Q)

\newcolumntype{Q}{|>{\color[gray]{.8}} c|}

then use

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Which is surely better than redefining \multicolumn, of course. :-) – egreg Feb 7 '13 at 18:52

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