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I'm using Latexian to typeset my documents, and also another tool called latexcalc(check it out, its really useful!) , which automatically evaluates the result of typeset calculations. Is there some way I can hook the latexcalc binary into pdflatex so they both work seamlessly through Latexian?

The command Latexian uses is:

/usr/texbin/pdflatex --interaction nonstopmode --shell-escape --file-line-error /Users/ankit/Documents/Classes/10601/hw2/TSWLatexianTemp_hw2.tex

and the command for latexcalc is:

latexcalc --pdflatex ~/Documents/Classes/10601/hw2/hw2.tex

I suppose I could configure Latexian to use the latexcalc binary directly, but the logging output (among other things?) might not work correctly.

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Not to dismiss LaTeXcalc but why not simply using calc or any other math package? and i can sense an arara answer for this. – percusse Feb 8 '13 at 15:25
See How to customize Latexian to use other TeX engines or biber? for a solution that allows Latexian to use arara, which can (I assume) run latexcalc. – Alan Munn Jun 9 '14 at 4:37

At present I'd say there is not an easy way to achieve this with Latexian, although with other tools it should be doable. The best approach in general is to create a script of some form which runs latexcalc followed by pdflatex (or other engine). That's quite doable, and there are several options. However, Latexian doesn't allow you to pick/add individual executables, it only lets you choose a path to find the binaries of e.g. MacTeX. As such, there is no way to add a custom tool like the script you want. That would be a feature request for the editor.

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