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I am trying to use bibtex to output the url from a reference, but it's not working because the url has accentuation, just like below:

url = {http://www.epe.gov.br/mercado/Documents/Série\%20Estudos\%20de\%20Energia/20130117_1.pdf},

The output is:

http://www.epe.gov.br/mercado/Documents/S\unhbox\voidb@x\ bgroup\let\unhbox\voidb@x\setbox\@tempboxa\hbox{e\global\ mathchardef\accent@spacefactor\spacefactor}\accent19e\ egroup\spacefactor\accent@spacefactorrie%20Estudos%20de% 20Energia/20130117_1.pdf

Is there a way to protect the accentuation when it enters on url environment?

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Thanks, didn't know about this other site. Where can I find this percentage substitutions for accentuations and special characters? – Werner Feb 8 '13 at 15:55
Could you please change you user name to a unique one? We already have another Werner here... – Martin Schröder Feb 16 '13 at 20:44
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An URL should not contain accented characters (cf. Uniform resource locator or RFC 3986).

In your URL, replace accented characters by encoded characters:


Edit: Fast reference for encoded characters.

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If I use \usepackage[]{hyperref} before \begin{document} and use in my bibliography e.g. url = {http://www.de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beyoncé_Knowles}, then everything runs without problems. But it is difficult to say if the hyperref-package helps in your case because you do not tell us which packages you are using.

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