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I'm trying to setup the layout of my thesis and margins seems to be a little off what I'm expecting, I'm using memoir and I'm trying to setup all the variables of page layout so nothing wont go wrong...

The specs are simple: 2.54cm margin all around the page except for the printing side which should be 3.54cm. the page is A4 29.7x21cm.... here is my code:


the problem with the above code is that the top margin is always stuck at 3.54cm leaving only 1.54cm to the bottom margin no matter how I change it, even if I change the \trimtop to -1cm!

When I add the following line to the code, it fixes the top/bottom margins but the left/right margin in odd pages only is messed-up and stuck at 4.54cm / 1.54cm to left/righ margins respectively...


Any advice?

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Read the discussion on page layouts in the memoir documentation carefully. Page layout is not random. – vonbrand Feb 10 '13 at 0:32
Related Correct way to set margins – Jesper Ipsen Apr 4 '13 at 12:56
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Solved ....

I moved the 2 lines for setting the odd and even side margins:


to after the check and fix layout line:


source: section 2.7 Side Margins in memoir reference

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