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As many before me I need consecutive caption numbers for figures and tables instead of chapter-based numbers like Figure 1.2. I use scrreprt and the caption-package for my document. I also need roman table numbers and achieved it by changing the caption label format like this:


Since they start again with Table I for every chapter looking very oddly in the list of tables I tried the chngcntr-package. It solved the numbers of figures nicely but it overrides the roman numbers. What can I do?

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thx, your speed is awesome. :) I chose the second alternative because I tried different places for the chngcntr-package before I posted the question without any change in result. And now it works great. – fortunecookies Feb 11 '13 at 17:09
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There are two alternatives. The first possibility is


that I consider clearer. The second is


which is slightly more efficient (maybe some nanoseconds faster).

The difference is that the *-version of \counterwithout doesn't change the definition of \thetable, while the plain \counterwithout applies the default definition with \arabic.

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Since you load the caption package anyway you could load it with either within=none (to get figure and table numbering consecutive) or tablewithin=none (to get table numbering consecutive only), e.g.


This way you need no extra package and don't need to fiddle around with chngcntr-hyperref load order.

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that works, too. thanks. with that many possibilities it looks like I didn't try to solve it by myself.. I really did but I didn't find the within-option. ;) – fortunecookies Feb 11 '13 at 19:26

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