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I'm using datatool to load a csv table. Students names are in that table (first column first name, second column last name) and I like to print them on the exam. In a related question, I asked how to print a student id number on each exam. In a similar way I like to print the names taken from the table on each exam. My first approach (I just like to print an arbitrary value) looks like this and unfortunately doesn't work:






\newcommand{\studentname}[2]{#1 #2}



\multido{\nx = 1+1}{3}{  
  % Uncomment next lines if exam has an odd number of pages.
%   \newpage
%   \mbox{}
%   \newpage


So how can I achieve that the table is iterated within multido? And I need some kind of macro that I can use in examMain.tex to access the students full name?

A possible example of members.cvs could look like this

Name1, FirstName1
Name2, FirstName2
Name3, FirstName3
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Could you please add a small example of how the members.csv file is organized? – egreg Feb 12 '13 at 11:57
I added an example. But I think that doesn't really matter. I suggest a situation where I already had been able to seperate my file with the help of datatool into 2 columns, one for the family name and one for the first name. – DaPhil Feb 13 '13 at 11:32
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Use \DTLforeach:


\noindent Student ID = \fbox{\studentid}\quad
\studentfirstname\ \studentlastname


Solve the equation $x-1=0$.



  \ifnum\thestudentidcounter<10 0\fi



   \par\bigskip\hrule\bigskip % just not to produce many pages


enter image description here

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