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Based on the question on Use TikZ to draw frontpage, I have taken the liberty to create my own custom LaTeX title template for my school's reports. So far I created this.



\def\myauthor{Author} % Author
\def\mycoauthor{} % co-author
\def\mytitle{Title} % titel van het document
\def\mydate{27 Januari 2010} % datum indien gewenst
\def\typedoc{Lab report} %type of document: lab report, article
\def\mycourse{Course Name} % gives the name of the coure


%Use the tikzpicture for the document banner

\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]

\coordinate [below=2.5cm] (midpoint) at (current page.north);

\node [name=colourbar,
text = white,
minimum width=\paperwidth,
minimum height=1cm] at (midpoint){\Large{\textsf{Departement Industriële Wetenschappen}}};

% Define the point where the logo will go
\coordinate [right=4cm] (logo) at (colourbar.west);

% Set coordinate system origin
% Draw the outline
\filldraw [white,draw=blue!40] (2.3,0.85) -- (-2,0.85) -- (-2.8,-0.85) -- (2.3,-0.85) --cycle;
% Include the logo
\node {\includegraphics[width=4cm]{Logo_Lessius_Mechelen_colour.jpg}};



\emph{\textcolor{gray}{door}} \\


\textsf{\mydate}\\ %%Date - better you write it yourself.

\textsf{Docent:\\ % meervoud maken door middel van 
Prof. Dr..... \\

\textsf{Lessius Mechelen}

\textsf{Schakelprogramma Industrële Wetenschappen}

%Fill up the rest off the document
%Add horizontal line

I am very pleased with the result. There is however one small thing that bothers me. Example

In the TikZ picture, I would like to add a bit more space (1 cm) between the logo and the text (Departement Industriële Wetenschappen) written next to it.

Does anybody have a solution?

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can't you just simply xshift=1cm the \node that contains \includegraphics? – Martin H Jan 27 '11 at 17:11
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\node [name=colourbar,
minimum width=\paperwidth,
minimum height=1cm] at (midpoint){};

\node [
text = white,
xshift=1cm] at (midpoint){\Large{\textsf{Departement Industriële Wetenschappen}}};

You can't use xshift=1cm directly because the rectangle is also moved.

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Thank you. Happy TeXing ! – Trap Jan 28 '11 at 19:18

You can add \hspace{1cm} before \Large - it's not so beautiful but works.

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Thanx, however I prefer Altermundus his answer. It has more flexibility to it. – Trap Jan 29 '11 at 12:43

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