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REVTeX automatically combines \email and \thanks macros into a single footnote, and uses the same footnote if multiple authors share the exact same set of macros.

Is there any way to force the \email and \thanks macros to have their own footnotes so that two authors can share the \thanks note?

e.g. I would like the author list to look like:

A. Author,a),b) B. Author,b) C. Author

a) Electronic address: a@example.com
b) These two authors contributed equally

The Review of Scientific Instruments sample manuscript does this, however I cannot work out how to get this result in REVTeX.

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Please create a minimal working example (MWE) of the "Review of Scientific Instruments" sample manuscript using revtex4-1, so the community has something to work with. – Werner Feb 15 '13 at 6:49

Not a real answer, but to long for a comment.

I don't think that your desired layout is a standard option in REVTeX. Note that the sample manuscript (which you refer to) are created using MS Word :-(.

You can naturally circumvent such limitations, but I fear that this might give you problems when you submit your manuscript. I've been told (I don't know if it's correct), that the APS & AIP journals convert the submitted manuscripts to some non-TeX format.

An example, which partly answer your question (sadly with very little flexibility) is given below.






\author{Roger Rabbit}
\thanks{These two authors contributed equally}
\author{Bugs Bunny\normalfont\textsuperscript{a,}}
\email[E-mail me at:]{bugs@looney.com}
\affiliation{Looney Tune Studios}




String theory\cite{GSW} attempts to provide a theory of everything.


\bibitem{GSW} M.~Greene, J.~Schwarz, and
E.~Witten, \textit{Superstring Theory:
Introduction}, (Cambridge University
Press, London, 1985).



Remark: Bugs Bunny's email address is taken directly from the REVTeX-manual and I don't know if it's an actual email ;-)

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