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I am using xelatex and want to use the xeCJK package, but without indenting the first paragraph of a section. I tried the setup directive below, which should do the trick. But it does not. The manual is in Chinese ...




\section{Section 1}

I want to have a paragrpah without indentation.

This one should be indented.

\subsection{Section 2}

Same here.

This one should be indented.

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In the log file you find this warning:

* xeCJK warning: "option-invalid"
* The `indentfirst' option only can be set in the optional argument to the
* \usepackage command when xeCJK is being loaded.
* Please do not set it via the \xeCJKsetup command.

which is self-explanatory: do


Be warned that languages loaded with Polyglossia may revert the setting (Italian, for instance).

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