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How to insert a paragraph in Metapost and a drawing below that? This has to be done within a single Metapost block, (i.e) within a single \startMPcode and \stopMPcode block

Sample image :

sample image

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Since you did not specify your exact problem, nor any example code I can just blindly guess where the problem is. I assume you want to use \framed within textext. You have to use align=normal to create a vbox. You can as well simply use a \vbox if you don't need the features the \framed command provides.

Here is a complete example. As “drawing” I simply used a black square.

  \input hawking

    draw textext.top("\framed[align=normal]{\getbuffer}");
    fill fullsquare
      xyscaled (TextWidth, 1cm) shifted (0, -5mm);


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