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How can I increase my counter with every new page and reset to 0 again when it comes to a new chapter?

I know that I can link my counter to a chapter so that it can be reset on every new chapter by:


but then I have no idea how to increase it.

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Using everyshi you can increment the counter at every page shipout:

\usepackage{everyshi}% http://ctan.org/pkg/everyshi
\newcounter{pagecntr}[chapter]% New counter pagecntr is reset with an increment in chapter
\EveryShipout{\stepcounter{pagecntr}}% Step pagecntr every page

This resets pagecntr to 0 on the first page of every chapter. atbegshi could provide similar functionality.

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One could also do it manually in the way shown in this example.

\parindent 0ex

Page \thepage\\
Chapter page \mychappage \clearpage
Page \thepage\\
Chapter page \mychappage \clearpage    \newchap
Page \thepage\\
Chapter page \mychappage \clearpage

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