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I am trying to compile a document I built on another computer using algorithm2e. I keep getting errors when I try to build it with TeXworks. I suspect I get those errors because it cannot find the algorithm2e package. However I don't know how to get this package on my MiKTeX.

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Why do you “suspect” this is the reason for the errors? What do the errors say? – Juan A. Navarro Jan 31 '11 at 13:52
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Miktex, like any good latex distribution, comes with a package manager. Go to start->programs->miktex and check for the "browse packages" entry. I think it is in the "Maintanance" sub-menu. In the manager, just search for the package and install it if necessarry.

Prior to that, you can also check your log file. If the package is not installed you get an error "package xyz.sty not found"

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MiKTeX can install missing packages on the fly by default. If it doesn't work, and if you are using latest MiKTeX distribution (MiKTeX 2.9), just run MiKTeX's Package Manager (in start menu) to install algorightm2e package.

For installing LaTeX packages manually, see How can I manually install a package on MikTex (Windows)

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