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I would like to have a command to insert listings that contain the filename in the caption. This works well as long as there is no "_" etc. in the filename.

I also tried the suggestion from a previous Thread (input filename as caption in listing):


This works quite well, but fails if I want to insert a listoflistings and have included a file that contains an underscore.


Looking at the .lol file shows that the listoflistings command included the following line:

\contentsline {lstlisting}{\numberline {5.1}\texttt {test_file.cpp}}{36}{lstlisting.5.1}

I think the problem is that it does not contain the \detokenize command.

Any suggestions?

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You want to add \protect in front of \detokenize


The \protect command will do nothing when the caption is typeset in the text, but will make LaTeX write it unchanged in the .lol file.

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Thank you! That solved it. – Baertierchen Feb 24 '13 at 10:44

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