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  foo\footnote{fuz} & bar



I like the formating of the tabularx environemnt. However, it does not allow for the choice of positioning of the table (to the best of my knowledge). My understaning is that tabularx produces the footnote (which I tested), but on the other hand, table traps them, therefore I sought to \usepackage{footnote} and \makesavenoteenv{table}. What is wrong with my reasoning.

One more caveat: I need to hyperref the \footnotes

EDIT: The positioing of the footmark is unimporant. And preferably no hacks like \footnotemark

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It isn't at all clear from your question where you want the footnote text to appear, but I think you want it within the float below the tabularx. The standard LaTeX markup to get in-float footnotes is


minipage displays all footnotes in scope at the end of the environment.

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sorry I do not know what you mean. What do you want to position, and what does not allow that? – David Carlisle Feb 25 '13 at 11:52
@aiao why do you think that the optional argument of table is affected by the content of the table environment? It is not. You can use [htp] with the code in this answer. – David Carlisle Feb 25 '13 at 11:59

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