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I have papers p1, p2, p3, .... Under each of them, i'd like to list papers that cite them:

[1] c11
[2] c12

[1] c21
[2] c22


I can build *.bib files for each of my papers, but I don't know how to use them to form the above formatting.

p1, p2, ... are in mine.bib. c11, c12, ... are in citee1.bib. c21, c22, ... are in citee2.bib. ...

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What I'd try to do is to add the papers to be cited in a field of the entry, and massage that into something that tricks BibTeX into spitting out what you want. Probably using Perl, as that is what I'm most familiar with. – vonbrand Feb 25 '13 at 5:43
Please provide a full minimal working example. How do you create your bibliography? Do you use biblatex? – Marco Daniel Feb 25 '13 at 5:49

Here is a solution using biblatex (and biber as backend). The key point is to use the related field provided by biblatex. This field stores a list of citation keys (and the solution uses the value citing for the field relatedtype). After that we have to define how to render the list of related. A simple way is to use an enumerated list, and for each item is rendered by using the appropriate driver.

author = "Last, First",
title = "title",
journal = "journal",
year = "2011",
related = {second,third},
relatedtype = {citing}
author = "Last, First",
title = "title",
journal = "journal",
year = "2012",
related = {one,third},
relatedtype = {citing}
author = "Last, First",
title = "title",
journal = "journal",
year = "2013",
related = {second,one},
relatedtype = {citing}
author = "Last, First",
title = "title",
journal = "journal",
year = "2014",


    \item \entrydata{#1}{\usedriver{}{\thefield{entrytype}}}\adddot 
\DeclareFieldFormat{related:citing}{\par Cited by:

\cite{one}, \cite{second}, \cite{fourth}


resulting in

enter image description here

PS The various references can be in multiple .bib files. Just load them with multiple \addbibresources.

EDIT: It is possible to change the title of the bibliography by using the title option of \printbibliography. Namely

\printbibliography[title={List of publications citing my publications}]

There are several ways to avoid printing the references. The simple one is to use \nocite{key} for each of the references to be inserted (and for which one wants to show the publication citing it).

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How to change "References" to "List of papers citing my papers"? Also, how to omit the main part of the article "Last 2011, Last 2012, Last 2014"? – qazwsx Feb 26 '13 at 4:42

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