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IEEE bibtex style uses the following entry for a typical journal paper:

  author  = "A. Boo, C. Foo",
  title   = "Paper Title of His",
  journal = IEEE_J_IA,
  volume  = "40",
  month   = jan,
  year    = "2012",
  pages   = "1-11"

The journal "IEEE Transaction of Industry Applications" is bimonthly, so IEEE usually says "January-February 2012" (example). How do I edit the month field? The following issues error

Warning--string name "jan/feb" is undefined

at compile time due to

month = jan/feb
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I think this doesn't make any sense to have month names to point to the issue. Instead use issue number, many publications in fact delete/omit the month field since it hardly ever makes any difference. So volume={48}, number={2}, defines unambiguously which issue is the publication. – percusse Feb 25 '13 at 8:44
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bibtex allows you to concatenate strings using #. Thus for a bimonthly issue of journal you can use

month = jan # "/" # feb

See Section 2 of the bibtex manual (texdoc bibtex)

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