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In my table I would like to use footnotes for more detailed description. Therefore I'm currently using \parnotes. Unfortunately \parnotes also creates footnote marks which I don't want to have.


enter image description here

How can I remove these footnote marks?

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This is untested, but reading http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/parnotes, perhaps


will work.

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Tested successfully. Thank you! – Benny Neugebauer Feb 25 '13 at 17:03

If you don't want a footnote you don't have to use one:


 \caption{Bewertung des Erscheinungsbilds}
   Vergleichsaspekt  & CSS3 & SVG  & Canvas & Beschreibung \\
   Anzeige im Chrome & o.E. & o.E. & o.E.   & bla \\
  \multicolumn{5}{c}{\footnotesize o.E. = ohne Einschränkungen}


enter image description here

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You can use the \footnote command with the optional argument as [0]. Here's an example:


  Title & Column 1 & Column 2\\
  First Test & 1.234 & 5.389\footnote[0]{\scriptsize This is the
   footnote text blah blah blah blahty blah}\\
  Second Test & 3.894 & 1.586~~\\

  \caption{Caption goes here}
  \centering\begin{minipage}{\tablewidth}   % USE CALCULATED MINIPAGE WIDTH
  \renewcommand\footnoterule{}%    % ELIMINATE LITTLE LINE SEPARATER
  \vspace{-2ex}%                    % SHIFT FOOTNOTE UP


enter image description here

Note: EDITED to explicitly use the traditional table floating environment.

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