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If I type

\boldmath $\widetilde T$\unboldmath

I get widetilde T where unfortunately the tilde above the T is a little flimsy for my taste. Is there a better way to do this? I found a paper that has something, that appears a little bolder, in it. bigger tilde

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You are not using bm in that fragment (although bm would give the same) the default computer modern font set doesn't have a bold extension font so the wide tilde comes from cmex5 in both cases. – David Carlisle Feb 26 '13 at 0:36
Thank you, you are right, I corrected the wording. – Max Feb 26 '13 at 2:13

I'm afraid you hit on something that can't be easily solved. Here for comparison all possible solutions for making math stuff bold and then a handmade bold tilde T:

% not bold
$\widetilde T$
% not bold enough either
$\mathbf{\widetilde T}$
$\pmb{\widetilde T}$
\boldmath$\widetilde T$
$\boldsymbol{\widetilde T}$
$\bm{\widetilde T}$
$\mathbold{\widetilde T}$
% maybe even crayons would be easier and prettier but well ...

enter image description here

Using .8em in the raisebox will be about the same height as the other tildes but I personally liked it better this way. I'm not saying it's pretty and I'm not saying it's easy :/

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Some approachs:

enter image description here

\boldmath $\widetilde{T}$\unboldmath 
\color{blue!50!black} ~
% require graphicx
\resizebox{.8em}{1.1em}{\boldmath $\displaystyle \widetilde{\scriptstyle T}$\unboldmath}
% ooaling solution
\boldmath \ooalign{$\textstyle\widetilde{\phantom{W}}$\cr\hidewidth$T$\hidewidth\cr} \boldmath
% require mathtools
\boldmath $\mathrlap{\widetilde{\phantom{W}}}\,T$\unboldmath 
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