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A crude approach is to add a command such as \large, \Large etc. immediately after \section{Introduction}. This leaves document elements that have their size set locally (such as section headings and captions) unaffected. Note that choosing a font size in the usual way (i.e. \documentclass[12pt]{article}) won't work here because the code in acm.sty overrides ...


The acmsmall document class has its own way to build tabular material through the \tbl command with syntax \tbl{<caption>}{<the table itself>} (refer to Section 4.2. Tables of the PDF document acmsmall-guide that comes in the .zip file containing the class and related example files). A complete example with your table: ...


The acmtog class is not intended to be used without the footer. However, the following works: \documentclass{acmtog} % clear acmtog.cls footer settings \makeatletter \def\runningfoot{\def\@runningfoot{}} \def\firstfoot{\def\@firstfoot{}} \makeatother \begin{document} \title{a} \author{a} \maketitle \end{document}


A similar warning is produced when using the sig-alternate.cls style. The issue there is that ACM defined bold captions, so as suggested here, just load the caption package with the font option set to bold: \usepackage[font=bf]{caption} \usepackage{subcaption} This way you can freely use the subcaption package with the ACM proceedings class, without ...

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