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I think in this case the best method is to issue a new line just before the parameter, that is substitute the line \Kn.$\mathit{XXXXXXXXXXX}(\OCon)$\; with \Kn.$\mathit{XXXXXXXXXXX}$\newline$(\OCon)$\; MWE: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[vlined]{algorithm2e} \begin{document} \begin{algorithm}[t] ...


Its simpler: With algorithm2e package, solution will be as follows: [ My working copy of algoithm2e.sty is here ] \usepackage[ruled,vlined]{algorithm2e} . . \begin{algorithm} \SetAlgorithmName{MegaAlgorithm}{} %last arg is the title of listing table ... \caption{How to write algorithm} \end{algorithm} On the other hand, some how I have been ...

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