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Package algorithm2e does not allow H in twocolumn mode, regardless if single or double float. A little excerpt from the package file: \if@twocolumn\@latex@error{[H] in two columns mode is not allowed for algorithms}\fi% TODO: SCREAM if H in two colums! Bad thing is, for some reason two captions in an algorithm environment don't work. The solution can ...


From the algorithm2e documentation (section 11.4 to define comments, p 35): \SetKwComment{Comment}{<start>}{<end>} defines a macro \Comment{text comment} which writes text comment between <start> and <end>. Note that <start> or <end> can be empty. It defines also \Comment*{side comment text} macro which allows to ...


You need to use C_{\hat{i}} instead of C_\hat{i}, because \hat doesn't open a group. Typographical advice: Because \hat{i} is too high and looks weird, LaTeX provides a dotless i \imath. It is favourable to use \hat{\imath} instead of \hat{i}. I replaced every occurrence in the example below. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{algorithm2e} ...


Easiest would be to let \chapter be equivalent to \section: \begingroup \let\chapter\section% Make \chapter equivalent to \section \listofalgorithms \endgroup The \chapter update is temporary until \listofalgorithms is complete.

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