A package that facilitates the kind of theorem setup typically needed in American Mathematical Society publications. The package offers the theorem setup of the AMS document classes (amsart, amsbook, etc.) encapsulated in LaTeX package form so that it can be used with other document classes.

The {amsthm} package provides an enhanced version of LaTeX's \newtheorem command for dening theorem-like environments. The enhanced \newtheorem recognizes a \theoremstyle specication (as in Mittelbach's theorem package) and has a * form for dening unnumbered environments. The amsthm package also defines a proof environment that automatically adds a QED symbol at the end. AMS document classes incorporate the amsthm package, so everything described here applies to them as well.

If the amsthm package is used with a non-AMS document class and with the amsmath package, amsthm must be loaded after amsmath, not before.

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