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It was a bug (Fixed in version [2015/08/18]), see comment of AlexG.


Yes, animateinline calls a “sanitization macro” that changes all special characters (excluding braces and backslash) to printable characters. There are two ways around this. A save box \newsavebox{\animatecaption} % in the preamble \sbox{\animatecaption}{$\text{test}_{1}^{2}$} \begin{animateinline} [ controls, % Begin ...


This is a nice example of using the JavaScript API of animate and the \mediabutton command of media9. User Caramdir's excellent onimage package is used to place the buttons onto the animation. However, we have to patch onimage.sty in order to not use \includegraphics. For the code below to compile, copy the example image files from package mwe into the ...

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