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The file basename (file name AP_inc_????.pdf without frame number and extension) has to be specified without quotes: \animategraphics[controls,buttonsize=0.3cm,width=7.5cm]{5}{AP_inc_}{1997}{2013}


This can be achieved with the timeline feature of animate. We separate the background (two orange circles) from the dots to be overlaid: \begin{animateinline}[...]{2} %background \coordinate (O) at (-2,0); \coordinate (OO) at (3.5,0); \draw[fill=orange!50,thick] (O) circle [radius=2.5cm]; \fill (O) circle[radius=2pt] node[below left] {$00000$}; ...


Alright, well after 2.5 days searching the internet apparently all it took was a post here to get my brain on track. I was finally successful in getting the dynamically created charts included in the document. The issue was I was failing to properly tell the code to include the graph within the Latex environment. The following code now works: ...


All frames need to share the same bounding box. With animate, all frames starting from the second one are sequeezed/stretched to fit into the first frame's bounding box which is used to scale the animation widget. To ensure that all frames have the same size, put some thing like \useasboundingbox (-2,-2) rectangle (12,12); at the start of the ...

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