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The current settings in the phys style turn off printing of DOIs, eprints and so on by default, so you need to set eprint=true when loading the style. I might revise that for eprints as they are rather common in physics (the settings are inherited from the chemistry styles I've created, where such things are much rarer).


The arXiv uses TeXlive 2011 and is in the process of upgrading to the 2015 version. This shouldn't really matter much unless you are using a package which was only made available after TeXlive 2011 so most likely, if it compiles fine on your computer, it should work fine on the arXiv. When you begin a submission, they give you a few days to add the ...


(Followed up on a suggestion to make an earlier comment into an answer.) According to the log file you've posted, the hyperref package is being loaded after the cleveref package. However, cleveref is one of the packages that should be loaded after hyperref. This problem appears to arise because the arxiv server automatically loads hyperref if it hasn't been ...

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