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You need to collect a few pieces of information for your document. The first is to make sure that you have enabled showing the arXiv ID for documents. This should be on by default (I think), but if not, you can follow this question to enable it: http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/180216/32374 Then, export whatever documents you want (or perhaps the whole ...


You need to do as Mico suggests, and download a style that supports formatting the arXiv ID in the output. Then, you need to add some fields to the BibTeX entry. The key fields are the eprint, archivePrefix and primaryClass fields, where eprint contains the arXiv ID number, archivePrefix contains the archive (arXiv for the arXiv), and primaryClass contains ...


The current (3.0.0) TikZ manual has this to say: [\label in the externalized graphics which is referenced in the main document] is realized automatically by the external library. In detail, a \label inside of an externalized graphics causes the external library to generate separate auxiliary files for every external image. These files are called ...


Actually, I have found out that a good collection of LaTeX fonts can be found here. The links to CTAN and installation recommendations are also provided. Apparently, it will be hard to find the Calibri font on the Internet since it is a proprietary one, but other similar fonts can be found on the web-catalogue mentioned above.

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