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Add the following code to your init file. (eval-after-load "latex" '(setq TeX-font-list (append TeX-font-list '((?\C-h "{\\Hiero " "}"))))) In this way you can insert {\Hiero } at point or wrap it around the selected text with C-C h (but you can change the key binding in the code). The previous code exploits AUCTeX font management, ...


This issue is addressed in AUCTeX 11.88.5. (the micro version number .5 refers to ELPA version). Emacs has built-in capabilities to install packages from ELPA. You can find more detailed information about installation from ELPA in this answer. When you install AUCTeX from ELPA, it is crucial not to have the following line in your .emacs: (load ...

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