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There is currently litte you can do about it. The only possibilities are to either type the complete expression, or to remove the placeholder of the closing bracket (Ctrl + Shift + K). The most important rule for automatic bracket insertion is that it should be transparent to continuous typing. E.g. if you type the sequence \{sometext\}, the text in the ...


Save this as chemformula.cwl in ~/.config/texstudio/ or %APPDATA%\texstudio\! # custom completion word list file by LaRiFaRi #include:expl3 #include:xparse #include:l3keys2e #include:tikz #include:amstext #include:xfrac #include:nicefrac #include:scrlfile # \setchemformula{options} \ch{input} \ch[options]{input} \chcpd{compound}#* ...


Depending on which LaTeX plug-in you're using, you can have a similar behaviour as you're requesting. For instance, LaTeX-cwl in combination with the LaTeXing plug-in, you'll get a behaviour like shown below. Note that if I'd written \doc I'd get another set of alternatives (obviously - doteq doesn't contain a c)

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