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However, you can achieve it using the following tweaks. First convert the dictionary file to cwl file by adding \ before each word, remove /something, e.g. /SM patter and add the that file to your configuration file, e.g. ~/.config/texstudio in Mac OS X. Add this file in the preference panel of texstudio will enable you to get a list of words for ...


One way to do this is to switch to Texmaker's fork TeXstudio which has got this feature built-in. http://texstudio.sourceforge.net/


I found it out now after several tests. I have the following file for all bibliography stuff: \renewcommand{\bibname} {C Literaturverzeichnis} \bibliographystyle{alphadin} \bibliography{bibtex/entries} \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{\bibname} And I had the same issue like you. Everything is working and the bibliography and literature is correctly ...


See TeXStudio FAQ: Why does a comman not show up in the completion?


You should look under Options->Configure TeXStudio->Completion and check the packages you want TeXStudio to search through when autocompleting commands.

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