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OK, I figured it out as soon as i posted the question, but other people may benefit from it (delete it otherwise). In Texstudio, the bibliography wasn't set to UTF-8 (in Adv. Editor tab), probably causing the strange effect to occur. by changing it to UTF-8 and saving the preset, the problem disappeared.


This seems to be a known bug in TeXstudio 2.10.X that is still not fixed in the current release 2.10.8; but there is a workaround, which worked for me and does not cause problems as far as I can tell: For now, txs generates cwl files for syntax checking. Please make sure that those files don't contain "\ref#S" or "\label#S". Just delete those lines and it ...


This is not possible without modifying the code and recompiling TeXShop, specifically in the TSTextView object. It's not hard, but would require some familiarity with Objective-C. If you use \citepage{ as a command name, it should work as-is.


You search for the closeb plugin. It does exactly what you describe. If you enable it and press Ctrl+_ in insert mode, it closes the current environment.

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