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I think that this is a bug of TeXstudio. The problem is that TeXstudio has auto-completion support for certain commands hard-coded in, most likely for performance reasons. This can be easily checked by looking at the texstudio.exe in a text editor and searching for \microampere (line 68436 in version 2.9.4). So I would say this is TeXstudio's bug and you ...


First, do you mean AutoCompletion or Command Completion. I assume you mean AutoCompletion which is now called Key Bindings (which describes the feature better). In newer versions of TeXShop (it's now at 3.51) you can edit the Key Bindings file using the Source->Key Bindings->Edit Key Bindings Fileā€¦ Menu item. Good Luck, Herb Schulz


I can see the problem. You are using a "/" which is only to indicate the image is in a subfolder. The code to positioning the cursor it's just conformed by %<%>. Creating a macro for inline math code, it look like $ %<%> $ Inclusive, you can include text inside it, like a tag for reference: $ %< tag %> $ If your macro has more than one cursor ...

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