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Make sure that you use TeXStudio in master mode. To cite the manual of TeXStudio section 4.1: TeXstudio allows you to work onto documents separated in several files. To include a TeX file into your document, just use the "\include{file}" command in the "LaTeX" menu. The file will appear in the "Structure View". With a click on his name, TeXstudio will ...


I think another solution would consist in using this macro (which I name d-math.edt in the explanations that follow): BeginGroup; InsLine; GoToBeginningOfLine; Indent; Ins("\[ \]%"); PreviousBullet; EndGroup; The macro shortcut is defined through this addition to the Shortcuts menu in `MainMenu.ini: ITEM="\[ \]" ...


You are looking at the "Completion" Configuration panel, which refers to auto-completion of Latex commands. The option to (un)check "Auto Complete Parentheses" is in the "Adv Editor" pane.


you can create a user.cwl file with the following content \langle%|\rangle %|marks the place of the cursor. Place the file in your settings directory and activate it in Options -> Completion. You can find more information on the cwl format in the manual. For more complex things you can use skripting with triggers.


Yes, this is a bug and will be fixed in WinEdt 8.2. In the meantime, you can get things working properly in this way. Open Tree.ini from the "Options Interface". Do the following global replacement with Regular Expressions on: Search for: <\(0@{ }\)MACRO="GlobalReturn;\(1*\)GlobalMark;" Replace with: <\0MACRO="GlobalMark(1);GlobalReturn;\1" ...

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